IT is very normal and funny to see the everyday scenario at the front our entrance gate where students are not allowed to enter our school premises. These students are not wearing their proper uniform, some are not wearing their ID, proper shoes, blouse and polo, some men are wearing caps and earrings, some students are with colored hair, and some are wearing their freestyle outfit . Guys, we have school rules and regulations okay?!

Before, I was one of them.I also experienced staying outside the gate due to my colored shirt. Sometimes I just forget to wear my polo  and ID because of the fresh feeling when these things are out of my body. But we have to think about the importance of our ID and uniform. These two depicts our school, course and as well as our personality. Isn’t  it nice to feel that you are not worrying about the guards and the police interns as you enter the school?

In relation to my first issue, my fellow students please don’t get  mad with the guards and police interns as they try to perform their duties correctly.They are just doing their job. Actually, it is not a big deal to talk about much, it’s just this, if you want to enter the school, and then follow the rules provided by the administration. It is not difficult  to follow the rules. It is us who make things really complicated.

To the police interns and guards on duty bravo! Keep up the good work! And with all due respect to the faculty staff and educators, who serve as role model, please do maintain our obedience to the rules. I don’t pertain to anyone. We’ll be happy if you are the first one who will initiate following our school rules and regulations.

It is not hard to comply with this simple rules and regulations of the school and it is pleasant to see everyone wearing their proper uniform except those students who are in afternoon and evening classes.

I remember our COCC motto way back when I was in high school: ” OBEY FIRST BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN”

(Eljohn Moserrat)