HONEST…Are we?


Honesty, this word probably had crossed our way through novels and poems we read, song lyrics, movie scripts etc. We might have used it so many times, but do we have a clear idea of what honesty is?

Having a closer look into it, everyone might say that being honest is one of the hardest things to do in this world. Why? Because being dishonest is a thing we all got used to of doing and were accustomed with it. Being dishonest, for most of us, is rooted way back in our childhood. This process resulted upon realizing that different behaviors, if applied in life circumstances, subsequently generate different outcomes. We indulge ourselves with favorable and desired outcomes of what we are doing so if being dishonest is the only way to get the results we want, we just keep on doing it up to the extent that we are not aware of it, it becomes natural and just like vices, once you get in to it… it is hard to find your way out.

Also, having a wrong conception of what honesty is just the same, it is a problem that causes a lot of relationship not to work out. We use honesty as an excuse in hurting other person’s feeling. Some of us think that if you tell things straight, others will appreciate you more, maybe yes, but not in all cases. We oftentimes become brutally honest, unaware in some cases but that’s the caution of both sides. We drench ourselves in doing it that it become a part of our life, thus, we also become disdainful of the negative effects of honesty’s pros and cons.

We must keep in mind that there’s a fine line between honesty and rudeness. However, it is okay to just say nothing. You always have your right to remain silent and be safe against the consequences of those things that you might say. White lie, some may say, is another scapegoat, but whether big or small, black or white… lies are lies. Honesty is a complicated subject matter to discuss and this corner will never be enough. It is true no one can ever say that he perfectly reached the gauge of being an honest person, but instead of bothering ourselves, in which side we’re going to buy, let’s just diverts our minds and focus it in seeking for the welfare of others through taking care of and considering their feelings. (Charlie Ranido)