Building Bridges to Competitiveness


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Continuing a high qualitative education, ICCT Colleges signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in partnership with Eastwood City Police Station together with Antipolo City, Cainta, Pasig City and Quezon City last August 22, 2012.

 It was signed by our President, Dr. William S. Co, and P/SUPT. Limuel E.  Obon, CE, DM/CEO IV with the presence of Mr. Renato A. Paringit (VP – Students Affairs) and Mr. Darwin S. Dulay (VP – Special Project). Career Guidance Coordinator Mrs. Zenaida V. Nicolas and Ms. Ana Liza R. Kho (VP  Academic Affairs) organized the said agreement. This MOA will be effective from A.Y.2011-2012 up to A.Y.2015-2016.

building1Since ICCT Colleges aims to produce technologically efficient and value-based graduates, mainly, the purpose of this MOA is to accommodate ICCT’nians taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology (BSC) in completing a 270 hours On-The-Job-Training (OJT). Also, it is a great opportunity for the OJT students to address gaps in skills as a law enforcer and acquire additional market-oriented competencies that will boost their higher chances of employment. Unquestionably, Graduating Students priority is to enter the world of service. It will uplift their families from grinding poverty and provide them a decent standard-of-living. Thus, having this kind of partnership will be an advantage for them in their future endeavors of success. (Joselito Tanghal & Joyce Chico)