8 Things you must have done before graduating at ICCT Colleges


Our school is our ALMA MATER, wherever we go and whatever we do, we will always be a reflection of our school. As a student, we should not only focus ourselves on studying, gaining high grades or finding new friends but also enjoying the privileges that our school may bring to us. As an ICCT student, there are 8 possible things which we can be able to express our gratitude to the school before taking the stage of commencement exercises:

1) Memorize the meaning of ICCT

Usually, students are confused and asked most of the time by others what is the meaning of ICCT. ICCT stands for “Institute of Creative Computer Technology” since mostly some students don’t know or even the alumnus what is the meaning of this so-called “mystery abbreviations”.

2) Join the clubs!!!                          

Others prefer to be a member of any organization / club society they want. Mostly, students who are joining organizations / clubs show how competitive, creative, Open-minded when it comes to ideas, of how you socialize with others and how responsible you are.

3) Participate at the School Events

Of course, college life would be BORING if you don’t participate on these events such as “Fun Run”, “Intramurals”, “Social Week”, “Seminars” etc. Even if there are extra-curricular or academic events still it adds a little “thrill” to each and every student’s lives. Also, this is another way of socializing with other students too…

4) Visit all the campuses

 Not all of the students knew all the campuses or worse, haven’t visited any!!! It is much better to know and visit all the campuses rather than being contented by looking at the pictures, reading the brochures or looking at the campuses tarpaulins.

5) Take a photo with Willie, the “ICCT Mascot”

Taking a photo with Willie doesn’t mean it’s childishnessbut it symbolizes your genuine love for the School. Mascot/s are good luck charm or the representation of an organization, school, establishment etc.

6) Know the names of our Department Heads

It is better for us student to know the Deans of our respective courses. They can assist and guide us in all our academic affairs. Each time we have a problem with our grades and subjects, they can be a big help to us.

7) Do some Charity work

Being a volunteer, is somehow your own little way of helping others such as “tree planting activities” or doing “community outreach programs” to the poor families. Remember, you don’t have to be rich and famous to help others but by doing small deeds you can help those who are in need.

8) Savor each moment here at the School

This is VERY COMMON but when it comes to opportunities, experiences, memories and blessings we do have our OWN memories here; whom we met our friends, our peers, our beloved professors etc. which we shared good and bad memories but just like in the School Hymn: “This is our home, our castle… our foundation” where WE truly BELONG.

(NewsBytes Collaborated Work)