Being Alumni


Alumni – the plural term of the word alumnus which refers to a male graduate of a school, but originally, alumni means any pupil, whether a male or a female graduate.

Life is a series of passageways. When we’re young, we are pursuing to finish our studies with the course we’re dreaming of. But when the time comes that we finished it already, another dream is arising. That’s why “Commencement Exercises” is another term for graduation, commencement which means beginning. There is a new thing to focus on and a new world to travel, which some of us don’t really mind. Others are thinking that when they graduate, their dreams are already fulfilled. What they don’t know is it’s just the beginning of a new dream to be accomplished, deeper, bigger and more complicated. And how does it feel if you will go back to your Alma Mater?

Well, wandering in the halls of a great school for so many years is a tremendous point in each of ourves. It already became our second home, together with our teachers as our second parents, and our classmates as our brothers and sisters. From the first time we entered our school, met our most terror teacher, made new best friends, joined clubs and organizations, performed on stage, and searched for our thesis were just some of the remarkable things we will never forget in our college days. There we have learned, laughed, loved, gotten into trouble and most of all matured together. But it is not just concerned with looking back to the past; it is also about looking forward to the present. Why? Because being alumni means you are present on the unmapped future of the past. And thinking regarding it, how exciting it is if you receive news that your batch will have a college reunion? It is a nail-biter, isn’t it?

At hand, we will no longer see people as they were; we will see them as they will be. So rather than a boy failing his subjects, we may see him like Einstein, making innovative discoveries. And a girl as quiet as a mouse may be like Mariah Carey, being a popular star. Some of your classmates may be a great teacher, doctor, politician, lawyer, engineer or pilot, and somehow, you will see that all of you can contribute to our land. It feels like you’re on the edge of your seat that can’t wait to see your teachers, friends and school after a long period of time.

That’s how important college life is. Incidentally, ICCT Colleges will have a Grand Alumni Homecoming on Dec.8 at ICCT Cainta Campus Gymnasium, calling all alumni from Batch 1992-2011. In line with the celebration of its 20th Founding Anniversary, there will also be an awarding for the Top 20 Most Outstanding Alumni. It is a very thrilling event that all the alumni should not miss. So, prepare yourselves or you will lose half of your life(Joyce Chico)