Gawad Rizal: Depicion of New Malayan Prides



In the virtue of recognizing outstanding Rizaleños, the Editorial Board of the Rizaleño Sulo spearheaded a search for modern day development partisans following the footsteps of the great achiever Jose Protacio Rizal, the “Gawad Rizal Awards” was held last June 19, 2012 at the Event Center of SM City Taytay.

Ten Most Outstanding Rizaleños were recognized and awarded with trophies resembling like a “sulo” (torch) and embodying their ever-burning desire to contribute to the development not only of the Rizal Province but also of the country. Awardees excelled in their own chosen fields and were recognized accordingly.

The event started with a doxology by the ICCT Colleges’ Diversi-3 and was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and Rizal Provincial Hymn lead by the ICCT Rhythm and Voices Chorale. Prof. Anthony E. Mateo, one of the Editors of Rizaleño Sulo, was the master of ceremony. Prof. Virgilio R. Esguerra, Chairman  Rizaleño Sulo Awards Group, inspired everyone with his speech avowing his thoughts on how to be a pride of our Motherland.“Hindi natin kailangan ng American Idol, ang nasa harap natin ngayon ay tunay na Rizal Idol”, Prof. Esguerra said. He recognized the ten awardees And said:“Ang mga pinili ngayon ay buo, mga haligi, sandalan at buhay na bayani ng Lalawigan ng Rizal na kumikilos at tumutulong sa ating komunidad, nagbibigay sigla, natatanging ehemplo para sa ngayon at sa bukas pang darating.”

Our very own, Chairman/President of ICCT Colleges, Dr. William S. Co was awarded for the field of  Agriculture and Business together with Mr. Clemen M. Bautista for Print and Broadcast Media, Mr. Agapito M. Caritativo for Sports and Youth, Engr. Reynaldo A. Carpio, Ph. D. for Business / Construction, Ptr. Jose Jaime R. Enage for Culture, Prof. Ligaya Tiamson Rubin for Literature, Sis. Adelina S. San Miguel for Community Service, Mr. Dennis C. Teodosio for Arts and Entertainment, Prof. Lydia Cuevas Vicente for Education, and Dr. Avelino DL. Zapanta for Business and Management. In behalf of the other Awardees, Dr. William S. Co closed the event with his message of gratitude and said: “We will keep the flames of this torch at all times, lighted for the best interest of the community.”

Indeed, a great way to commemorate the 151st birth anniversary of the Great Malayan,  Dr. Jose P. Rizal is by recognizing those who live his example of uplifting the community, excel in it and, thus be a pride of the Rizaleños.