What I have to say

  1. Don’t bother yourself thinking of things that are uncertain, but rather mind those that are certain. 
  2. Be placid at times, but learn to speak your mind.
  3. Walk your talk, be quiet if you can’t.
  4. Saying “sorry” charges not a single coin.
  5. Friendship is definite, but is not measurable. Labels are optional, but each of those falls in to a common category 
  6. Learning must be dynamic, we must never let it rest until the good is better, and the better is best
  7. Home is not a place. It is someone waiting for you to come back.
  8. Problems are inevitable. Solve it!
  9. Never make others look stupid just to cover-up your faults.
  10. Never see your life using someone else’s eyes. Live your life, go back to #1