Bentang Vendo


There was a recent sudden increase in the number of coffee vending machines among public establishments in the community, especially in the numerous campuses of ICCT. This was brought to actuality by the rise of “Barista Choi” line of coffee vending machines imported from the South Korea.

This allows students to take a coffee break without leaving the school premises, but on the other hand we might see our ellow classmates get high on too much caffeine. Fortunately, there have been no real cases of this.

With its taste being different from the other coffee vending machines, its operability, its compactness and its economic advantage amongst other vending machines in public areas, it seems that almost every business establishment would like to have one of these machines.

Basically, a normal vending machine has a six-figure price tag, but the Barista Choi is being marketed online in a complete business package at around Php17,000. The estimate return of investment is said to be around three to four months, which makes businessmen wanting for even just one of these.

The vending machine serves cups of hot coffee or chocolate of any variant at Php5 each, and is placed around high-traffic places such as schools, malls, public markets, etc. Combined with bread, this is a complete merienda for some.

Way back then, beverage vending machines were big and it sells cold drinks for a maximum price of Php20. The recent technology upgrades brought us the present vending machine, which only requires its trademark coffee mix, a full five-gallon water bottle and an electrical supply for it to function. How convenient.

We now have an easy stopover from our daily routines, and it’s just around the corner. Hurry and insert that five-peso coin in the slot and enjoy your coffee break.

(Jay Paul Agonoy)