“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” – Arthur Ashe.


After two decades of journey, it is really a cause of celebration for the ICCT Colleges in providing affordable and quality college education throughout the province of Rizal. We created, creating, and will still create more experiences to take up intellectual challenges to initiate “A Global Pinoy Distinction”. This is what every ICCT’nians must be proud of.

Let’s take a look on how it all started. December 15, 1992 – The Institute of Creative Computer Technology was established by Dr. William S. Co because of his desire to help the people of Rizal acquire skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). As time went by, they noticed the continuous growth of students. That’s why by 1994, ICCT began offering four-year degree programs for the learners who are pursuing professional careers, to adhere to our vision and mission. In 2002, the name of the Institute of Creative Computer Technology was officially changed to ICCT Colleges Foundation Inc depicting an improvement seeking vision.

Walking onto its journey, our loving Governor; Hon. Casimiro “Jun” Ynares had been showing his unending support to ICCT Colleges over the past years of being the No.1 Private School in Rizal. The 5A’s of ICCT makes it possible:


1. Academic Excellence
We employ highly competent academic heads, professors and instructors because our focus is on our students: we ensure that our graduates are taught of competitive learning standards and trained to be a critical thinker.
2. Affordable Tuition Fees
We are offering the most affordable private tuition fee in Rizal. We also give WAYS (Work as You Study Program) for the working students or the Php.100/unit on the night shift while Php.130/unit on morning and afternoon shift.
3. Accessible Campuses
We now have eight campuses which makes it reachable to all Rizalenos. We have campuses on Angono, Antipolo, Binangonan, Cainta, Cogeo, San Mateo, Sumulong and Taytay wherein each campus is convenient to learning.
4. Achievers
We are serving and developing citizens who will be successful in their lives and careers, and providing professionals relevant to the international communities. ICCT have so many achievers like those who topped in board exams, won in contests and gave honor to our school.
5. Advantages
It is very advantageous to study at ICCT because of its international linkages. Also, the agreement of our school with different companies benefits our On-The-Job-Training Students in acquiring additional market-oriented competencies. Those connections will help us to get information and employment all over the world.

Those are the 5 A’s that marks ICCT’s excellence. We remain to be the top-provider of qualitative education over the past 20 years. But this anniversary is not just about looking back to our past; it is also about looking forward to our future.

Undeniably, we take pride in fulfilling these goals. Thus, the celebration of ICCT’s 20th Anniversary also comes with 20 great events this 2012. Annual Intramurals, Ersi Musical Concert, Mr. & Ms. ICCT, Medical Missions, Seminars, Tree Planting Project, are just some of those events. The Launching of ICCT’s Building 3 & 4 is also a highlight this year. It will provide better convenience in order to learn. Aside from that, our school also launched the ICCT Blue Dragons Team where there will be a screening for skillful players who will join the league. It attracts more students to participate and be engaged with our school activities.

Above all, those compensations enrich ICCT’s distinctiveness. Our vision to be seen is now clear; and our mission to be accomplished is now near. Let’s hail our school which is our home and love our Alma Matter which is our foundation. It’s time for us to walk toward ICCT’s exciting journey.
(Joyce Chico & Joselito Tanghal)