H.E Fidel V. Ramos @ ICCT COLLEGES


ICCT Colleges’ 20th Founding Anniversary Celebration was highlighted with its Unfolding Ceremony and  Thanksgiving Party held at the ICCT Cainta bldg. 3 in December 14, 2012. Executives, faculty and staff were in their barongs and filipiniana attire giving the event a glamorous vibe.

Former president of the Republic of the Philippines, H.E Fidel V. Ramos graced  the said unfolding ceremony with his presence. Dr. William S. Co, ICCT Colleges’ Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Vivien Co-Say, the newly appointed College President, Mr. Van William Co, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Val Constantine Co,Chief Communicaitons Officer and Ms. Veronica Co-Ong , Chief Financial Officer welcomed the events honorable guest. H.E Fidel V. Ramos moved the spectators with his energy-packed and meaningful speech. He literary made ICCT executives, faculty and staff off their seats. It was really admirable that he still have that youthful charm.

He donated a collection of books, magazines, selected newspaper articles and other printed materials to the library. The said materials are about the progress of the Philippine government through the years. He wants to instill on the minds of the youth today the importance of being concerned for the welfare of our country. Nationalism is essential, and the good examples of the past must be used for the construction of a better Philippines.

A dinner was served, but what really made the spectators satisfied was the experience of being one of the pillars of the Philippines’ current success. (Charlie Ranido)