School break is one of things almost all students are anticipating each time a semester ends. These are days in which they enjoy to do things which are deprived from them during school days. They can stay up all night and sleep all day. That is how a typical teenager’s routine goes, which they say, they deprived of because of studying . Well, that’s another issue.

As a school break run out of days, students seem to be not contented of their vacation that they tend to forget returning to the obligations of their normal routine as students. And there goes the  first day of classes, many are absent, seemingly having a hang-over of the school break. This is what we call POST VACATION SYNDROME.

Post Vacation Syndrome can be identified by a few symptoms. The first is the lack of patience for ongoing daily activities, from tasks at school to house hold job- you see that pile of laundry sitting there and think to yourself “Not today!!!” . The second identifiable characteristics is sleeping disorder that leads to fatigue and difficulty staying awake at certain times of the day particularly after lunch. Many research participants have identified that the syndrome is usually accompanied by a psychological slump that causes a mild depression.

Students must be aware of this existence of this disorder for them not to hinder theirs but also other’s productivity. Adjustments might not be easy but it is worth the effort. Forcing one’s self jump straight back to their regular day activities is what students must do, plus, It doesn’t cause any harm,so why not to try it. It just a matter of changing our mind sets, just like deciding to wake up early and jump-starting your day.