Celebration Instead of Grief

griefAcceptance of things that took place in our lives is the remedy for a hurt-bounded life. There are indeed inevitable things that we can’t even foresee to happen. No one can ever be prepared of what will happen, thus expecting things could be senseless sometimes. Lost could cause a lot of changes, but not only for worse, losing things or maybe someone could be a step forward in one’s life. Although a time to let one’s wounds heal is needed, it must not be a reason to stop living life.
This 2012, three members of ICCT Family had passed away. Dean Raul Pineda, (former) dean of the College of Education, Mr. Bonfacio Abut, one of the pioneer Physical Education Instructor of the Institution and Mr. Nilo Alderite, ICCT Colleges’ maintenance head, left us, their ICCT Family, with a lot of memories which will linger forever.
We are not grieving because of this loss, instead, we are celebrating their life and the things they had imparted to us.

(NewsBytes Editorial Board)