Think Before You Act


Last 13th day of November,2012, Filipino netizens (internet citizens) had another topic to feast on. A video of a rude LRT passenger humiliating a security guard debuted on facebook and in just a minutes, became viral on the cyber world.
From the video posted by another passenger on that day, Gregory Paulo Llamoso, RN, the passenger named Jamie Salvosa was saying to the Security Guard in her great confidence: “So now you’re making me look like a liar? I’m a liar?”

“Ate, may pinag-aralan akong tao! Ginanon mo ako; I’m just returning the favor (I’m an educated person. You did that to me; I’m just returning the favor),” she uttered, indicating that she was pushed.
“Alam mo kung pano mo ako tinanong? Pano mo ako tinanong? ‘Ate, anong problema mo?’ (Do you know how you asked me? ‘What’s your problem?’)” the passenger asked in ireful way.
On the other hand, though, the passenger was acting inappropriately, the video showed that the security guard- Sharon Mae Casinas was patiently hearing her plea.

What was it all about? According to the reports, the passenger was instructed to put her bag in conveyor of the x-ray machine for scanning, the “No inspection, no entry” policy of Light Rail Transit Administration which is for the safety and security measures of the passengers.
Instead, she just easily ignored the instruction made by the security guard and hurriedly went inside that caused her (Ms. Salvosa) to act unethically.
Now, we could say that there is a lesson to be learned behind this situation.
First, be a policy-abider. Be cooperative. Never oppose any instruction regulated by such institution whose goal is to ensure our safety and security.
Next, even though you’re on the right track, always be humble. We should signify right attitude in spite of any indignation of person we may encounter with.
Lastly, never boast of your college degree or of who you are. We should always remember that well-mannered is better than being well-educated.
So to speak may this be a reminder to us that because of high-tech world we have right now, our actions are just a click away. Therefore, we should uphold our ethics constantly.(Elena Mabansag)