“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”– a very common yet meaningful saying by Henry Adams. It is awfully true that teachers are the main contributors of good education. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching and aside from parents, the main source of knowledge and values for children.

Definitely, their dedication for teaching is really incomparable and unsurpassed. Like how one of the Deans of the Institution, affected the lives of his students. Dean Raul M. Pineda, MAEd is the Former College Dean of Education of ICCT Colleges. He was also the President of Antipolo Christian Schools Administrations Club, Inc. (ACSAC) and the Director of The Jesus Christ School. He took Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Filipino and Master of Arts in Education at Philippine Normal University (PNU). He was seen as a good student and leader that time. He taught in ICCT Colleges as a part-time teacher initially, but afterwards, turned into a full-time teacher. He showed his love for his noble profession and became the Dean of the College of Education. In his service, he took pride over the years carrying the name of all Education students. He is the founder of Educators’ Society, the organization for all educators which is active until now. He is also the initiator of celebrating Teachers’ Day in ICCT every October 5. His principles in life are very positive and realistic. He believes that being an educator; you must look good to feel good. Certainly, we noticed how the education students wear formal attire; it became their rule upon entering school. It was also remarkable that there was a year when all Latin Awards were received by education students; those are the products of our loving Dean Pineda.

He never fail in giving honor and recognition from the time he started working up to this time when all of his influences are still alive, although he is already gone. He passed away last October 2, 2012 due to diabetes, but his sacrifices, memories, beliefs and lessons will never die in our hearts. No word can express the deepest gratitude all of us have for him. He proved that teachers are the true heroes; a hero that does not only save lives, but saves future. How he added colors to the image of ICCT Colleges, particularly, the College of Education, will never be erased.
As what he used to say: “The heart of education is the education of the heart”. For him, the true meaning of teaching is not just based on the lessons an educator is imparting, but also on how students appreciate the value of every lessons. Therefore, teachers must encompass the KSA knowledge, skills and attitude. It will then be the true basis of how good a teacher is. “Dean Pineda, thank you so much! You are truly a hero in our hearts.”