Ms. Vivien Co-Say onwards to a BIGGER AND BETTER ICCT COLLEGES


ICCT Colleges celebrated its 20th year foundation day last December 2012. It has gone through a lot of major developments and expansion since its inception in 1992.

As of today, it is visible in eight (8) locations in the province the Province of Rizal. ICCT Colleges has turned over its Presidency to a new leader. The appointment of its new President, Vivien Co-Say, was celebrated and witnessed by ICCT Administrators, faculty and some student leaders.

President Vivien Co-Say holds a masters degree in Educational Administration from Ateneo University and now pursues a doctorate degree in University of Santo Tomas where she got her degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. Before becoming President of ICCT Colleges, she has been working in ICCT Colleges for the past 12 years as Preschool Teacher, Vice President for Finance, Director for Corporate Partners, and Executive Vice President of the institution. Also, she is an active member of various business and socio-civic groups like the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI), the Junior Chamber International (JCI), the Philippine Association of Colleges & Universities (PACU) and the Philippine National Red Cross. She is now tasked to take more responsibilities, but undoubtedly, as a lady of intelligence and justice, she will succeed in meeting all these challenges.
Following her parents’ example, she aims to further improve the quality of teaching and learning in this institution by providing further training to its faculty and staff; by mentoring new supervisors and leaders; by extending academic, social, and spiritual growth in ICCT Colleges.

While writing this article, I was moved when I recalled the speech of our new President Vivien Co-Say. In her words: “It will be very difficult to follow in the footsteps of my parents.” Her parents, Dr. William S. Co, Chairman of the board of trustees, and the late College President, Dr. Consuelo L. Co, have been excellent role models and leaders that brought ICCT Colleges to its current success. But with support from the institution’s hardworking faculty and staff, nothing will be difficult. “Everyone is a candidate for being a great leader” she believes. As one of those who witnessed firsthand the development of the institution, it is clear where to start. Everyone must work hand in hand to support ICCT Colleges’ pursuit towards innovative learning. With all these in mind, President Vivien Co-Say looks forward to a BIGGER and BETTER ICCT Colleges for the next 20 great years.