Twenty years had passed since ICCT Colleges Foundation Inc. first came into being. Throughout those years the institution strove to be a foundation of Academic Learning for its students in its desire to hone an individual’s capacity to the fullest. It had also contributed to the creation of a literate and skilled populace through the passing of values, traditions, customs, language and history which the society needs from one generation to the next.

Together with its desire to impart quality education, the school also aims to become a university that will offer courses leading to the creation of new knowledge and original creative endeavors with the commitment of the teachers, course designers and administrators to attain the systematic advancement of knowledge.

For as many years as there has been a place called ICCT has been seeking ways to fashion the best educational experience for its students, the place that would provide them with the best possible education and send them forth fully prepared to meet life’s challenges. Every Filipino generation has desired quality education for its children and in many ways the system has responded by expanding opportunities to historically under-represented students, updating¬†

curriculum, and improving teaching techniques. The school aimed to shape and mould the knowledge and behavior of young people that may enable them to respond to mankind’s cultural activities and enter more and more fully into the spiritual realm and also to enlarge the boundaries of their human values in which they may purposely give to those who are to be its successors.

Standing on its mission to become the leading premier provider of higher education in Asia, the institution strives to incorporate all the life skills that will make the learning experience of the learners unique and exciting. It also launched programs that enables students to reach society and extend help through community outreach programs including blood donations and tree planting because through those little amount of efforts and coordination required for each project, both successes and failures inevitably springing up along the way, giving the students a meaningful experience of what it is like to work on a real-world project. Different activities were also provided to unlock student’s talents and potentials to help them work better together and motivate themselves to become more effective in their chosen fields.

And in pursuit of excellence the ICCT Colleges Foundation Inc. continues to renovate existing buildings and create design and new facilities that will accommodate and support student growth to foster a culture and environment where students develop leadership skills, make alumni connections, engage in community service, network for job opportunities and increase the overall connection with the school itself and finally create new experiences and form another 20 years of inculcating values and moulding brilliant minds that will uplift the future of the next generation.(Ms.Oharrah Mae Bernardez)