It’s time


We only have 24 hours a day. And a total of 8, 760 hours per year. You might be surprised for the answer I’ll ask you to estimate is how many seconds, minutes, hours you are wasting everyday in a year.

People nowadays are very unconscious on how they spend their time in a worthwhile way. In all honesty, I want to be the first one to admit the fact that no matter how I manage my time, it often ends up wasted. Too many factors can affect when we talk about our ways of using time. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out since it is the most playful and trickiest thing ever! There are moments when you’re already using your time insignificantly without being aware of it. The key here is management awareness.

It starts in thinking wisely; decide what task to do in order and what amount of time comes along. Also, assuming how everything will be done can help. Imagine the task and time allotted if you can really comply with it. Consider some dilemma in carrying it out.

Do not multi-task. The amount of time will be longer you are multi-tasking. Just have one task at a time. It is always better to finish few things than to leave many things undone. And the most important thing is to do what you love! It is more motivating to do your passion. Never ever forget to have time for yourself. It is your heart that will benefit here!

Indeed, time is the most important thing we can ever share. Pondering about the old, well-known saying “Time is gold”, I realized that time is more than gold. It is more valuable than money. Some people are always being problematic on how to budget their riches for their unlimited needs and wants, and yet, they ignore managing their time.

Let’s have our eyes wide-open that time is our most precious gift from God, for we can never get it back, and the hardest truth is… we never know when our time will end. Yet one thing is for sure, we can always make the most of our time to give our lives a meaning. Many are wishing to have more time, so if you are blessed with time, be inspired using it.        (Joyce Chico )