CANDY CRUSH: Balancing Sweetness


One reason why most people nowadays enjoy being online is playing online games, which mostly are hosted by social networking sites such as Facebook. Now, the game that catches the attention of all is the Candy Crush. Because of its availability, this popular game can cater not only to rich people but also to those who can only rent a computer-set for an hour. So what is candy crush?

Candy Crush was developed by and was officially released on November 2012. This easy-to-play game surpassed FarmVille 2 as the most popular game on Facebook, with 45.6 million average monthly users as of March 2013. It is amazing that within just four months, the said game has gained recognition around the world, and early in February, here in the Philippines.

Like other online games, Candy Crush does not accept any excuse to stop playing it. “It is addicting” just what avid players say. And just like any other computer-based activity, it is addicting, erasing one’s active lifestyle, well this is another issue to cover.

On the other hand, it is mind-stimulating and exciting to play. More and more are getting hooked that they tend to find ways to be ahead of other players. Cheat engines are now widely available floating on the surface of the cyberworld. This only depicts the popularity of the said game.

It is a trend indeed that make skeptics think how long will its popularity last. They surely think that another fun game will surpass its popularity, but as seen nowadays, Candy Crush is crushing other online games. On the other hand, the game has affected lives of many users and non-users; however it would be wrong to claim that this game is just a waste of time. Everything in excess is not healthy. Playing Candy Crush every hour of each day is something that should ring the alarm, not the game itself. It is the players’ habit that is wrong.

After all, time wasted enjoying is not wasting time at all. Go play Candy Crush… moderately. (Charlie Ranido and Elena Mabansag)