Wet Phone Alert! How to Fix Phone Water Damage


You were using the comfort room, then suddenly, as you were about to stand-up, a familiar sound echoed inside the comfort room. “PLOKK!” There goes your cell phone swimming in the toilet. Here are things you can do to deal with phone water damage.

  • Remove the battery to prevent short circuit
  • Check your phone’s water damage indicator sticker. Change on the sticker’s color indicates if the phone has had contact with a liquid. It is usually located under the battery, or somewhere on the back of the phone itself.


  • Next remove the SIM card if the water damage indicator shows that indeed water has entered the phone. The SIM card is perhaps more valuable than the phone if you have all your contacts and other data stored in there. Just take it out and pat it dry with absorbent towel.


  • Disconnect any wires or other connections on the phone.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to gently suck any residual moisture from the phone for about 10 minutes. Do not use hair dryer, this might damage sensitive parts of your handsets.


  • To get rid of the residual water left inside the phone, place the phone in a container of rice. As the rice tends to absorb moisture, it will draw away any water that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


  • After hours of placing your phone in the rice bin, insert its battery and try to turn it on. If it fires up, then it might be back in its good working order. Try to play around and test every application and specs your phone have, like camera, keypad, etc.


  • If it did not fired up, charge your handset. The battery might be exhausted.

After trying to turning it on again and still, it didn’t fired up… Start looking for the warranty forms of your handset, that could save you my friend.