The big question every time rains go bad: May pasok ba?


Each time a storm or a tropical depression passes by our community, we can’t help but think if classes are still going on — especially if we wake up in the morning hearing the raindrops pour in the roof. That is what a website i recently discovered tries to answer “CLASSES OR NO CLASSES?“. is quite funny in its simplicity. Whenever it says “Wala”, it shows which schools and or towns have suspended their classes. The website’s clean white look will tell you if there are classes or not in a straight-to-the-face manner. So far, it did not do any harm or confusion to its visitors, since the information was taken from local news agencies. Its most interesting class suspension notice was dated August 25, when Tsinelas Day is being celebrated in Gapan, Nueva Ecija. The website gives updates on class suspensions every 12:00 midnight.

But staying here where my roots are, ICCT Colleges have its own information dissemination strategies in which doubts and confusions whether the disseminated information is true or no, is evaded.

ICCT Colleges relaunched our mobile phone Infoboard in partnership with wireless leader Smart Communications Inc. Smart’s Infoboard is a Web-based solution offering SMS or text facility that enables communities to disseminate information to the mobile phones of subscribed members.

To receive notifications regarding class suspensions, and even school events, just register in our Infoboard by just keying in REG_NAME/ID No./COURSE and send to 7174228 for free.

And given that social networking is on its peak nowadays, we must utilize it. We have our official facebook fan page and twitter account which will accommodate your concern…(especially if it is addressed properly right?). Always take advantage of available resources in updating yourself with the latest.(Jay Paul Agonoy)