Moviebytes: Hunger Games 2. Catching Fire


After the success of its first installment, the Hunger Games series is now gaining more and more positive feedbacks in its sought after 2nd book entitled “Catching Fire”.
Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the victors of the 74th Hunger games returned to district 12 hoping that they’ll get their normal life back. But that normal life was long gone since the day they were reaped as the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games. Katniss and Peeta opted to continue the relationship they have been staging. While Gale Hawthrone , Katniss’s intimate friend, still strived in the mines to provide for his family.
Katniss and Peeta, by rule, need to go on a “Victory Tour” in which they need to visit every district in Panem including the Capitol. Spectators must watch out for all the shocking revelations packed in Catching Fire.

Questions in its predecessor, The Hunger Games, are answered in this that those who will be watching it will further have more idea of who is Haymitch Abernathy, who is President Snow, and what it’s like to live in Panem.
Introduction of new characters also made the story more insightful. Finnick Odair, a handsome victor of the 65th Hunger games from District 4, sparked interests of those who have read the book with his jolly yet annoying personality.
But what upset the Hunger Games fans was the fact that the movie will be officially released in the movie theaters late this 2013. Yes! in November, Does it kill the excitement? I guess it does not. All the revelations and story twists are worth the wait. Watch out for the second installment of this sure-fire movie. And if time permits, read the book. (Charlie Ranido)