Empowering Philippine Health Sector: A Must!


Despite of the mounting advancements surfacing on the medical sectors all over the world, the Philippines remains among the poorest in East Asia. However, the health condition in our country has improved in the past years but its improvement rate is not impressive compared to other countries. This is seen in the country’s medical facilities and services which are calling for a comprehensive solution. Another thing is the workforce, Filipino health practitioners are said to be deprived of the privileges they are entitled to. This, in reality, could cause poor quality services. All these mount the health sector’s problem to an overwhelming concern that has been sounding the alarm.
Investing in human workforce and augmenting their capabilities to produce quality service is worth the efforts, for it is an avenue towards reinforcing the Philippine health sector. Now that many Filipino nurses including other health practitioners are on the verge of falling in to a deeper downfall because of unrewarding payment system in our country, health sector’s workforce is declining in quantity and worse, in quality. No wonder why many Filipino health practitioners opted to go to the US, Europe and the Middle East where they could earn ten times as much as their salaries in the Philippines, leaving only a few doctors and nurses attending to the needs of the large population in the country. This results to high-cost medication.

In the brighter side, every Filipino still hopes that the Philippine medical sector will recover from these struggles. Ang NARS Inc. partylist group headed by Leah Primitiva G. Samaco-Paquiz, the first partylist to run in the Philippine election that will represent nurses and the whole nation believes that in time, all these problems will be solved.
After all, Heath is wealth, it is important that the Philippine health sector be empowered. Furthermore, Health sector’s workforce issues must be addressed and dealt with.