TravelBytes: Surviving Traveling


1. Make a plan.
Planning everything is a must-do if you want to have a hassle-free trip. Know your route, make sure you know your Mapping 101. You can ask friends, they may have bright ideas to share. Make sure to coordinate with someone in wherever you’re planning to go, subsequently, a definite place must be available to relax your tired body after long hours of road trip. Check your travel bag and bring only what you need.

2.) You would be needing “pocket money”.
How could it be possible without any “pocket money”? Bring cash not credit cards. However, ATM cards can be handy sometimes but expect the worse.

3. Safety first!
Bringing with you self defense paraphernalia like a mini tear gas could save you especially if you are going to a place that you’ve never been before. But don’t let paranoia kill you,

Your having your vacation to enjoy, right? A first aid kit is also a must-have.

4. Keep in touch.
Some want to make their trips to be private but, it is advisable if you’ll let others know that you are in vacation. At least, they don’t have to be paranoid if you are missing in a few days.

5. Ask someone to guide you.
Hiring a professional tourist guide is worth the expense. But a friend travel buddy will be better.

6. Take a lot of pictures
They say: pictures speak thousands of words. Bringing camera could be a good source of enjoyment during your trip. Phone cameras nowadays are very handy but investing for a high-end camera is advised specially if you’re a hobbyist. Just keep an eye on your gadgets and other precious belongings.

7. Eat!
Have a taste of the place you’re planning to visit through the delicacies they are proud of. As they have said, culture is reflected best in the foods popular in a certain community. This for sure will make your vacation extra special.

9. Bring me “pasalubong”!
Like any travelers do, Filipinos do love “pasalubong” especially sweets. This marks the Filipinos thoughtfulness, we want to give those who we left a taste of what we had experienced each time we go for a vacation. Souvenir items such as t-shirts, bags, flip-flops etc. are also highly appreciated
9. Enjoy to the fullest!
Traveling is an enjoyable hobby, yet, expensive in nature. But once the opportunity comes knocking on your door, grab it and have a great time. Say no to bad vibes and welcome happy thoughts. But these won’t work if you’re alone. Travel with someone special, your family or maybe with a group of friends. Good memories are best shared with those who you value most. Our country has a lot to offer for us who love traveling. (Joana Marie Guiterrez)