Nb websurf : “HEY JUNE!”


I have been surfing the net for the past few days, and suddenly I realized it’s already May 25! A week after, its June! According to one etymology, June is named after Juno, the goddess of marriage. Many believe that it is good luck to say the “I DOs” within this month. Coming to a full circle, I found this interesting facebook fan page named “spirit science”. This interesting fan page posted a random fact meme about married couples, and it caught my attention. here it goes:
Have you ever wondered why couples who are married a long time begin to look a lot like each other? A study done by Dr. Robert Zajonc, a psychologist at the University of Michigan, may have the answer. In the study, people were presented a random array of photographs of faces, with the backgrounds blacked out, and were instructed to match the men with the women who most closely resembled them. Two dozen of the photographs were of couples when first married; another two dozen were of the same couples 25 years later, most taken around the time of their silver wedding anniversary.
What they found was that judges who had no knowledge of who was whom were able to match husbands and wives far more often when the couples were older than when they were younger. Zajonc proposes that people, often unconsciously, mimic the facial expressions of their spouses in a silent empathy and that, over the years, sharing the same expressions shapes the face similarly.
Evidence for mimicry of expressions has come from a research by Olaf Dimberg, a psychologist in Sweden, who measured the tension levels in the facial muscles of volunteers while they were shown photographs of various facial expressions. When the volunteers saw an angry face, for instance, their facial muscles mimicked the anger, often to a degree that was invisible but was measurable by electronic devices.
This means that if you live with someone who is angry all the time, it will not only effect you energetically, but also physiologically as well. You begin to age together in the energy you share throughout your marriage, and your faces begin to age accordingly.
Marrying is a gift. And at this point in time, I can see that it’s waving, calling my name, waiting in one pit-stop of this race. This one makes me wonder if it will be nice to have someone who looks like me.