ICCT COLLEGES Onwards Silver Anniversary


There’s no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE, because the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE.

ICCT Colleges started as an institution way back 1992. Having the perseverance and love of our beloved Founder William S. Co, we can now consider this institute as one of the most successful colleges in the country. It offers academic excellence, affordable tuition fee and accessible campuses. It is now 2013 and after 20 years of creating experiences, ICCT Colleges is now looking forward onto its silver anniversary. After reminiscing the past, why don’t we imagine the future? You, what do you visualize in your mind when we talk about ICCT at 2017?

Exciting, isn’t it? Well, personally, We can sense that ICCT will have a big development. Maybe the progress is not so fast, but the most important thing here is, it is developing. Forgive us for our ample thoughts but this is what we can honestly see our my mind. First, ICCT Colleges to ICCT University, does it sound good?  As far as we know, ICCT is longing to catch this title and I just can see that they can reach it years from now. Surely, many will be encouraged to enroll. And if that happens, there will be a need for campuses everywhere. Starting in Cainta Campus, as years went by, ICCT established eight campuses all over Rizal. Hopefully, we can have campuses in different places like Manila, Cubao, Makati, Pasig or Laguna, or maybe, from being the leading provider of higher education in the Rizal Provice, to being one of the best in Asia. In line with this, ICCT will have a bigger community. Second, as a computer school, it will deal with innovative technologies, especially, those gadgets that are educational. Having E-books which can replace the use of books in school are more portable, aside from the fact that it can contain information that are in need. These are the trends in school that will ease student’s boredom which will also encourage them to study well while promoting a fashionable lifestyle. Third, educational technology helps teachers a lot and it is practical for them to integrate it. They will be more effective and will picture the “season teacher” students must have. Related to that is the online or modular education which is favorable for others, especially, those who can’t attend schooling and will fit their chosen routines. Last but not the least is providing a high-end facility that creates a constructive environment which invites learning like air-conditioned units, wider classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, and spacious grounds. Maybe some of these are unreachable, but it is not wrong to dream, right?

And surely, ICCT’s 25 years of existence is a milestone where the impossible becomes incredible.(Joyce Chico)