BOILED! without noticing it


Frogs are cold blooded animals. Unlike humans, frogs do not perspire, thus cannot maintain a certain body temperature. They tend to adjust and easily be comfortable with the temperature of their environment. This tendency makes a frog vulnerable if subjected to an experiment.

For instance, a frog is put in a pot half-filled with tap water, it’ll comfortably sit there as if having a bath. If the burner will be turned-on in a low flame, the frog’s body temperature will adjust and slowly it will heat up with the water.

Continuously doing the same thing, the frog won’t notice because it will also continue to change and be the same as its surroundings. Because of this, the frog does not recognize the danger it’s in. It keeps on going along with the changes of its surroundings. Eventually turning up the water to a deadly boil, again… it will keep on trying to adjust but by the time it realizes that’s it’s killing him… it’s too late.<br.
Because of the Filipinos’ go-with-the-flow attitude, we tend to adjust and keep on doing what we are used to do, not minding the possible dangers waiting at the end of the road. Addiction? Maybe… The mere fact that anything in excess is bad must encourage us reconsider our attitude and if possible, change it..

Don’t put up with rising temperatures, After all, you are the captain of your ship. Don’t be a boiled frog!