According to a Harvard Research, students who join organizations, compared to those who don’t, are most likely to be hired when applying for a job. How one participated in extra-curricular activities can measure their physical, intellectual and social skills.

In or out of school, different clubs are doing their finest to boost up and be acknowledged. It is somehow important in bringing out the best in a person. Undeniably, ICCTnians are now aware of what clubs they want to join. It is due to the fact that ICCT Students Organizations are so inspired in waking up to gain recognition all over the campuses.

The ICCT’s twenty-three recognized societies are Newsbytes; Computer Explorer Society; Educators’ Society; BA Club; ICCT Mass Comm Society, ICCT Engineering Society; Societas Hotelianos; ICCT Psychology Club; Tourism Club; ITVO; English Club; Math Club; ICCT CISCO; KAMFIL; SIBOL Theatrical Group; Taekwondo Club; ICCT Chess Club; ICCT Yin Yang HD; ICCT Rhythm and Voices Chorale; ICCT Circle of Talents; GANAP Cultural Troupe; ICCT Blue Dragons and ICCT Areteas. Each of these clubs have different areas of specializations.

Joining, socializing and supporting the organizations one belongs to is considered as a big help to the whole organization. It is indeed one of the reasons why they are soaring new heights. ICCT Students’ Organizations are now awakened! (Melecio Niño Adoro and Joyce Chico)