BOOM! Everything went fast in just a blink of an eye. Second trimester is already here! Are you all excited? Well, before we look forward, let’s take a little trip to the past, the first day…
What was the first thing that caught your eyes? Why did you choose the front seat instead of the back and vice versa? Did you think they were prejudice and making new friends will be difficult? Were you conscious the way you talk, move and react, afraid of being judged?
As I entered the room, a surged of energy hit me like a gust of wind. Everyone was eager to meet one another.

There were variety of students some were shy while others were curious, funny , impressive, boastful , humble and excited. The scene boosted my confidence.

My thought wondered around the room, classifying what kind of people were they , and where do I belong? So I looked around. The first ones that you noticed are the class clowns all over the room spouting punch lines out of the blue making the entire class burst into laughter. Then at the front row, classes haven’t even began some were already engrossed with a book, 4 inch thick! To the right girls that definitely show stoppers while to the left boys that might be models of Abercrombie. There were lots of strong personalities some were even intimidating but I did not let that stop me from making friends. I went around the room introducing myself. And guess what? Before the Prof. entered the room , I manage to make friends and found the place where I felt I belong.

First impression last, right? I believe that how you mingle the whole school year reflects on how you interact on the first day. (Mawie Luis Javier and Leony Añonuevo)