The rain cannot beat the beauties that represent the best ladies of their respective colleges and campuses in one of the much awaited event in ICCT COLLEGES Intramurals 2013, the Ms. ICCT SPORTS FEST 2013 held in Marikina Sports Park.
The crowd screamed at the top of their lungs in showing their support to their favourite candidate as they flaunt their stunning sportswear while they dance to the beat of K-Pop Music. The spectators grew wilder when the 15 contestants did strike their best pose and introduced themselves one by one with great pride and honour.
Organized by the Over-all Chairman of the Sportsfest 2013, Mr. Marvin Cruz, and with the help of the Special Projects Office this event covers the second year in using online voting and it was again a definite success. Candidates from the Taytay Campus got the highest online votes with 20,668 likes, followed by ISHTM with 8,913 likes and the CSIT with 8,316 likes. The number of LIKES of each candidate in the ICCT COLLEGES Facebook Fan Page was added as 20% in the criteria, aside from the judges tabulated scores.

At the end of the day it was Ms. Charlotte Prado, candidate from Sumulong Campus who reigned and won the crown, followed by Ms. Alyssa Rodriguez, Taytay Campus (1st Runner Up) and Ms. Maria Vianca Lim from the International School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (2nd Runner Up). ICCT is truly a home of Filipina beauties with great wits. (Vanessa Dela Cruz)