NB Diaries : Mickey… Here We Come!!


We reaped what we sowed; this is the fruit of thy labor.



Last trimester was a challenge for us students who represented the different colleges and campuses during the last year’s Mr. and Ms. ICCT Colleges 2012. But last December at Ynares Center, Antipolo City the journey has come to an end, seven stunners and six gentlemen were hailed winners of the prestigious competition. After months of hard work, here comes the reward. Hong Kong, get ready, here we come!
June 2, 2013, at around six in the morning, our plane has departed from Clark International Airport in Pampanga. It was my first fly and the feeling was overwhelming. It was eight in the morning when we have finally arrived in Hong Kong International Airport. And you would be amazed of the place, it is really huge. Indeed, we need to take a train or so called MTR (Mass Transit Railway) going out from the airport. We stayed at Butterfly hotel on Prat in Tsim Sha Tsui for three days and two nights. We were still coping from the tiring flight but this didn’t stop us to start our three day HK adventure.
First stop, Madame Taussuds in Peak Tower, HK. Well, here we have seen the wax images of the famous global celebrities such as Jackie Chan, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Yao Ming and a lot more. It was like a one stop star struck moment, an ultimate celebrity experience.
Day two: a whole new world experience. This was our most awaited part, The Disneyland escapade. It was a dream come true seeing all the characters and hearing the songs we’ve grown up with. The shows were excellent. The Lion King show showcased the talent not only from the Chinese natives but along with its Filipino casts. The whole place was magnificent. The rides were breathtaking and the fireworks display? Oh, it made my heart cried, so wonderful. It was really shining, shimmering, splendid. The whole moment there was worth remembering.
Third day, Ngong Ping 360 in Tat Tung road, Tung Chung Island HK. The cable car experience was shaky at first. Imagining yourself hanging hundreds of meters above sea level will surely freak you out. But once you get in and see the whole place, it will calm you down. Hong Kong is not only gifted with industrial advancements but they are also given with natural resources that they have been taking care of. No wonder why Hong Kong as I have seen is a melting pot of nature and technology.
Ngong Ping 360 connects Tung Chung to central Hong Kong via Tung Chung rail line and it houses the Po Lin monastery and the Tian Tan Buddha. And last stop before we bid goodbye was a glimpse of celebrities in the Avenue of the Stars ( Hollywood Walk of Fame) in Victoria Harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui HK. The place was a long cozy road along the harbor. By night, it serves as a spot for those sightseers who wishes to view the dazzling colors coming from the skyscrapers from the nearby area.
It was one of the happiest moments of my life especially that the whole group worked hard to attain the reward. Every moment there really counts. It was unforgettable and if given a chance I would really love to come back.
All of these would not be possible without the kindness of our beloved Chairman Dr. William S. Co. Thank you Sir, for making our dream a reality. Rewards? Well, it’s really more fun in ICCT! (Donita Ann Salonga)