NewsBytes Galleries : ICCT COLLEGES’ 3rd Student Social Week


May 28, 2013, A new journey for the freshmen has started. ICCT Colleges won’t let this be just an ordinary beginning and so they prepared something special for all students especially the new ones. In cooperation with the recognized ICCT student organizations, the Institution conducted the third ICCT COLLEGES’ STUDENT SOCIAL WEEK 2013.

Dr. William S. Co, ICCT Colleges’ Founder/Chairman spearheaded the ribbon cutting ceremony together with Ms. Vivien Co-Say, President, Mr. Van William L. Co, Chief Operations Officer, Ms. Ana Liza R. Kho, VP-Academic Affairs, Mr. Renato A. Paringit, VP-Student Affairs, and Mr. Darwin S. Dulay, VP-Special Projects. Booths from different organizations welcomed the guests and students as they enter the hall with their warm and charming smiles. Officers from these clubs surprised their audience with their energetic flash mob. In the succeeding days, each club was given a chance to introduce its officers. Students were made aware of the possible clubs they could join in. The week-long event was also highlighted with the raffle draws made from time to time. Lucky students won ICCT Colleges’ limited edition gift items.

This year’s student social week was a very memorable experience for the freshmen students. Can’t wait to witness the ICCT Colleges Social Week 2014! See you! (Genirhos Nama)