“We will be back soon – We promise.”


You have been wondering what our message meant as we wrote it down in our bulletin Board and our Facebook page. We have been holding to our dear selves to bring back the Newsbytes that we have used to know and do – and we are now making tasks to do that as you read this.

First up, we are bringing back our activity in our social platforms (through the official Facebook and Twitter accounts of ICCT Colleges) – and along with the website, we will dub that “Newsbytes Online”.

Also, before the year ends, we will also improve our workflow so that we can finish each issue on time – so once that the next semester starts, you will expect a copy of Newsbytes from last semester in its racks.

Lastly, our Editor is now planning what we will do for the Mr. and Ms. ICCT Colleges 2014 coverage with some content only available to Newsbytes Online.

With all these things said, even if we are so busy with our priorities, we are glad to tell you that we are still here. We’re just catching up on the backlogs.