Movie Bytes


Movie Bytes By; Anna  Ma. Jessica  Felicilda,  “Dogs are man’s best friend “. This quote signifies Boaz Yakin’s tail wagging movie entitled Max (played primarily by a dog named Carlos). An all well and good fgging movie but somehow turned off the right flow, when it comes to the time where the subplot waith – based family film where Max is a Belgian Malinois highly trained service dog. It was a tail waas spent on the gang of Mexican armed dealer, though it hitch in the very first turn of event in
the main plot. Before the subplots and all, we are drawn to Kyle Wincott ( Robie Amell) who was very fond of Max himself as his partner in crime, and when we say partners in crime I mean literally “partners in solving
crime”. But as the story goes, heavy hearted and definitely a tear shedding scene came in when Kyle
died from a fallen mission. The deep heartfelt sentiment of the movie began when Max having a
hard time dealing his everyday life suffering from post-traumatic disorder, but eventually feels like he
found his oasis in a dessert when he met Kyle’s brother Justin (Josh Wiggins) and together they make a
bond just like his brother. At the end of the story, Max really o u t s t a n d s b e c a u s e o f h i s
nobleness, soft-hearted and heroic trained fur bearing and it proved that the movie just made it as it should be.
After all, Max is a friend, a marine and a hero.