Engineering Lions Roared in the ICCT Cheerdance Competition 2015


The ICCT Engineering Lions beat the odds and ruled the ground making them the overall champion for this year’s cheerdance competition held in Marikina Sports Center on the 28th day of July, 2015. Different creative styles and choreographs were shown by the 15 pep squad teams of ICCT Colleges.
Behind the pressure they’ve got behind the fact that they were competing with fifteen other team, they still managed to compose themselves and performed in the way they should be, in the best that they can.The triumph of Engineering Lions caught the attention of the crowd for they left everyone’s mouth open in the unexpected
result of their victory. Still,it’s a day to “Bravely fighting the cowardness in us” – that’s the moral fiber of this year’s
cheerdance competition that never failed to enchant us and make us proud to be ICCTnians. Will the victory still be on their hands for the next years? Or another competing team will dig up their golden crown? It’s an exciting event to be experienced. Watch out for the next ICCT Intramurals! remember for all the competing teams.
According to the president of the Engineering Department, Mr. James Pote, “We set our goals since last Intrams 2014. We are the 1st Runner Up last time and our goal this time is becoming the champion.
Everyone dealt with sacrifices.” And when I asked him about the problems they have encountered as a team, “Honestly, all cheer dancers are clumsy, late in practice, lazy, noisy, and complaining about the rules.
“Hindi naman mawawala yung nga yun as individuals pero nababago pag practice na.” But we have set punishments for them to be reminded about their responsibilities.” So it’s a clear thing that they had put all
their tears, efforts, and pains just to reach their position right now. Now that might  really be the one that led them to the apex.