Gawad Rizal 2015


Rizaleno Sulo Awards Group commemorated another people who exerted an effort to outclass in their
chosen fields and embarked to help the lives of others. As an appreciation to Dr. Jose Rizal’s 154th year of birth, these Rizalenos are highly acknowledged to continue the burning desire of imparting great ideals and endeavor to
community. The awardees are the following: Oliver A. Barbosa-Chess Sports; Conegundo B. Garganta-Youth
and Moral Advocacy; Angelito C. Gatlabayan-Public Management and Legislation; Danilo F. Mendoza-
Community Service; Antonio F. Naval – Architecture; Mercedes A. Parreno – Trade and Industry; Concepcion U. San
Antonio-Educational Management; Edna V. Sanchez-Organic Farming; Ernesto P. Santiago-Dental Health and
Senior Citizenship; Anacleto Q. Valiente-Peace and Order This occasion was held at SM City Event Center, Taytay Rizal on 22nd of June 2015. In their filipiniana and barong tagalog outfits, the attendees and awardees showed off not only their native style but their support for this annual event. The programme started with the entry of colors done by the I C C T C o l l e g e s / C o l l e g e o f Criminology and followed by the ICCT Rhythm and Voices Chorale’s doxology.

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Prof. Anthony E. Mateo, an editorial board member of Rizaleno Sulo Awards Group, and also the
master of ceremony, acknowledged the guests and participants. Our Chairman, Dr. William S. Co, an
Honorable Consul to the Republic of Namibia, praised the guests and awardees. Furthermore, Prof. Virgilio
Esguerra, the chairman of Rizaleno Sulo Awards group discussed about the economic upgrade of Rizal
Province and why Dr. Jose Rizal became the national hero and the Former Vice Mayor San Juan
conferred a message for the leaders of Rizal saying “For good governance you don’t have to be a professional,
y o u n e e d t o h a v e a h e a r t ” . Throughout the program, Ang Nuno Dance Troupe entertained the guests
as well as the ICCT Circle of Talents, and MACK Performing Arts Group p r e s e n t e d t h e i r s t r i k i n g
performances. (Paula Jean Afan)