EDSA @ 30


EDSA @ 30 By; Angelica Ron  Solajo

The EDSA@30 Summit was held at the ICCT Colleges Theater on August 26, 2015. The said event was to educate the youth regarding the EDSA People Power Revolution and remind them of the movement that marked the end of Ferdinand Marcos’ presidency which brought about transformation to the Philippines.
Hosted by Ms. Oharah Mae Bernandez, it started with the doxology and Philippine Anthem performed by the
ICCT Rhythm and Voice Chorale, then followed by the welcome address of Dr. Vivien Co Say. Dr. Vicky Narciso-
Apuan gave a historical perspective on the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution. A film showing of “LABAN” produced and directed by Ms. Sally Jo Bellosillo came to the big screen of the theater to make clear the meaning of the revolution. “We have the freedom to chart our destiny.” Ms Bellosillo shared.
Students took part in a panel discussion with the EDSA heroes present during the occasion such as
former Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, Hon. Rafael Alunan and Ms. Marianne Hontiveros. They were passionate enough
to share their experiences, knowledge, opinions, and suggestions as well as answering the questions of the
students regarding EDSA Revolution and their participation. A lot has been discussed and learned during this
summit, it was inspirational and enlightening as well as valuable. It simply illustrated why we all must not forget
how the People Power Revolution affected our country and our lives. Why the yellow color symbolized hope to
the Filipinos and how it brought freedom to us.

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