Miss Intrams 2015


The beautiful ladies from different departments and campuses of ICCT Colleges once again gathered in one of the
most awaited event of the school every year, The Ms.Inramurals 2015 which held last July 18, 2015 at the
Marikina Sport Park. An overwhelming support from the crowd was shown that eventually made a way to uplift the candidates’ confidence as they flaunt their alluring sportswear proudly. The uproar got
more intensified when each of the candidates showcased their charismatic pose and introduced themselves.
Forsooth, an another year also consummated a success through online voting that apparently contributed a 20% as an additional score, aside from the judges score. Before the day ends, It was Ms. Mitzi Manabhan, the
representative of Binangonan who hailed as this year’s Ms. Intramurals 2015 gathering 88% of score, followed by
Ms. Jessaida Pascual, ISTHM having a 85.30 % score (1st runner up) and Ms. Michelle Moreno from the San Mateo
Campus having a precise 85% score (2nd runner up) which at the same time become the Campus Choice award.(Pia Joy)