Measuring Success


Everybody wishes to be successful. But different people see and define success in different ways. It would be too difficult to seek and find the final definition of the word, for success is in the
eye of the beholder. But what is success really?
Success starts with a dream
Each of us has a dream in our lives, something that speaks to our soul that motivates us. It could be graduating, finding love, family, a dream house, attaining a certain item, or money.
Whatever it may be, listen to it and fan the flame. The more you fan it, the more the fire will grow.
Success is overcoming obstacles
“Success is not a matter of being lucky or genius, But it depends on your adequate preparation, courage and strong determination.” – Jose Rizal
Our fears are buried within us and obstacles awake them. But remember, they are just challenges in our lives. They test how determined we are and see how we deal with them. There are those people who easily let go, but there are those ones who reach for the stars. Such people have triumphed the obstacles, adversaries and barriers in life.
Here in this experience lies the courage of overcoming your fears and failure, continuing and moving on without being discouraged and having faith in yourself.
Success is a journey
Believe it or not, success cannot be a final destination. It is a continuous road of accomplishments that leads to bigger ones in life. It is not just stopping where you are, you have to continue walking.
Success is being happy
They say that happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy and you will have a greater chance of succeeding in any areas of your life.
But the ultimate measure of success is…
Living the life which is in accordance to the purposes of your maker. Each of us has our own path that we follow but it shouldn’t be opposite or contradictory to the plan of the One that made us, for from the very beginning our creator has his own master plan that he expects us to follow. Therefore success can be measured by how much we obey our maker.