We are Senior High School Ready!


Philippine government values education. That’s why the public officials including the concerned citizens pushed through REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10533 also known as “Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013”.
REPUBLIC ACT NO. 10533 will broaden the goals of high school education for college preparation, vocational and technical career opportunities as well as creative arts, sports and entrepreneurial employment in a rapidly changing and increasingly globalized environment.
ICCT Colleges is now ready for K12 programs with a high quality of education at the lowest cost. This will sure be an ease on the pain in the pocket of the parents and students especially for those who are self-supporting.
Philippines is the only country in Asia that is still stuck on basic education curriculum. Besides, this difference is not bad for our country. We must embrace ad accept this change. This will give every student an opportunity to receive quality education that is globally competitive based on a pedagogically sound curriculum that is at par with international standards.( Joanna Aggabao)