Eyes Wide Open “There’s a Hero Within You”


Typhoon “Sendong” hit the southern part of the country last December 17 leaving almost 2000 casualties and still counting. Said typhoon devastated Cagayan De Oro and Iligan City which ruined millions worth of properties including rice fields, residential, commercial and industrial infrastructures. It is said to be one of the most tragic events that happened in our country after the typhoon “Ondoy” last September 2009. But behind this sad story is what we call the “Heroes” who whole-heartedly helped the victims. Undeniably, the government is doing its part in responding to the affected areas but that would not be enough without the help of concerned citizens. People here and abroad extended their helping hand through donating relief goods, providing needed  services and giving cash donations. Moreover, a  lot of volunteers work hand in hand in the search and rescue operations of the military forces. Truly, Filipinos are people to be proud of. With their unwavering concern and genuine love for their affected fellow men, moving on from the murky waters brought by the typhoon is not that impossible to achieve. Real heroes arose amidst this traumatic experience and camaraderie among us was greatly exercised. There’s a hero within us: A hero who will extend help without hesitation and a hero who will show genuine love and care for others.