“Gov. Jun Ynares III: Father of Rizal Province”


Why does Gov. Jun Ynares III called the “Father of Rizal Province?” Gov. Jun Ynares III is the so-called “Father of Rizal Province” as his tenure as Governor of the province has shown a lot of progress in these past few years such as investors who invested their companies here, public infrastructures such as Covered Courts for the Barangays, Highways and School Buildings donated to the Schools etc. But more than that, let’s unravel about the man himself. He is the son of Hon. Casimiro and Hon. Rebecca Ynares, who are both known for the rendered excellence and service to the province. A good husband of Mrs. Andrea M. Bautista and blessed by having two lovely daughters, he obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree from De La Salle University and earned a Professional License in Medicine. He is also a Master’s Degree Holder in Public Administration from University of the Philippines and was elected as the youngest Governor in the province’s history.During his tenure in 2007, his advocacy to malnutrition efforts was a success as the province is rendering proper health and medical services to its constituents it earned awards from Philippine Health Association: “Presidential Award for Neighborhood Family Healthcare and Wellness Program” and “Presidential Achievement Award for Improved Healthcare and Medical Services”. In 2009 and 2010, the province obtained the Department Works and Highways’ recognition as the province with the best road network in the Philippines which is an undeniable proof of highest standards when it comes to public infrastructures. Gov. Jun Ynares III is a role model and an active young leader of Rizal province. Loved by every Rizaleño for his excellent service. He pays his constituents back by creating opportunities in the province like by giving employment, infrastructures for use of local folks and advocacies to make the province competitive and successful at the same time. You are truly the Father of Rizal province. (Joana Marie Gutierrez)