Can You Handle It?


Commitment is a very huge thing that everyone seems unable to handle it. Commitment is defined as the act or process of entrusting your time, efforts and sympathy to a particular thing or person by means of engaging or making yourself involved; a pledge to do things with regards to that involvement. In short, it is all about doing what was asked to do or what you said you would do no matter how big or small it is. Though it is always encountered by many of us, it seems like we don’t a have clear idea of what commitment is. We’ve been reading, hearing and even saying this word but it didn’t inscribe any figure on our minds, what more in our hearts. Having a not so clear idea of what commitment is, reasons why we are committing ourselves may also be vague. Some believe that committing ourselves depends on our mood, on or attitude of doing only the things we like to do. Have you ever taken something or worse, someone for granted just because “today you don’t feel like doing anything”? Another thing is money, incentives! Imagine everyone, doing things just because they are expecting something in return from you, does that sound good? We are trained to apply this system since we were young. If you want something on the shelf of a store, you must have money for you to have it. And as you grow old, if your boss asks you to do something out of what your job is, you’ll do it expecting that there’ll be an increase in your salary. Does everything nowadays have its price? Even commitments? Oh! Come on! “Let’s forget about the price tag!” Having reasons of why we are committing ourselves is one good thing. Basically, it leads us to what we aspire to be. Being the foundation of our commitments, these reasons must be taken in to a greater consideration because those persons we value most will be affected if we make the wrong choice, thus, you could lose this “commit-yourself-game”. Now think of your reason, well it shouldn’t be a complex one. It’s just like breathing because we must; eating because we need to; texting “NGATZ!” to our friends because we do care for them. Wouldn’t it be better if our reason for committing ourselves will be love? If our commitments are based on the love of doing it, we won’t let anything or anyone to dictate what we need to do. No pressure, effortless, it will come out naturally. And no matter how hard handling commitment is… there’ll be no reason for us to quit. Why? Simply because we love doing it! Commit to commit through loving doing it. But if you can’t, just don’t commit yourself. Learn how to say no, because it’s better to let someone down once than to do it a thousand times. Just like what once said, commitment is a huge thing. Now ask yourself… Can you handle it? (Charlie Ranido)