Dr. Jose P. Rizal at 150


The best way to commemorate someone who played a great role in our society and exerted valiant efforts to champion the Filipino people is to live up to what he had established- a love for our country. Recently, we celebrated the 150th birthday of our national hero – Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The day of his birth marked the rise of a true-blooded hero and a many-splendored genius of his time. He definitely is one of the greatest treasures Philippines ever had. With his extraordinary abilities and intelligence, he was able to uplift his fellow countrymen from the brutal Spanish colony. He didn’t just watch and hear Filipinos grief and down fall. He listened and acted upon seeing his motherland being devastated by the cruel hands of oppression and abuse. That is why we Filipinos will never forget what he had done for us. He initiated bloodless campaigns for freedom and equality. He gathered efforts from the different parts of his country back then, through his novels “Noli Me Tangere” and “El Filibusterismo”.  Above all, Dr. Rizal lifted each and every heart from oppression to stand for our country’s pride and exercise nationalism as what we ought to do as sons of our beloved country. Filipinos regard Rizal’s birth as one of the historical events we should give focus on. Several programs were held in various places here and abroad. Television and radio stations united as they featured his heroic deeds, distinct life experiences and his struggles during the Spanish era. Indeed, Dr. Jose Rizal left us an extraordinary legacy which will never be neglected. More than just recognizing him as our “National Hero” he also deserves to be respected and cherished. Let us not forget what he had done. Let us live with what he had established a love for our country.