Being a Successful One


It is very inspiring to hear stories of people who dared to dream the mpossible and who became victorious. One of the success stories which inspired me a lot is the hardwork and triumph of Ms. Oharrah Mae Bernardez. She is currently working as a college instructor   at ICCT Colleges Cainta Campus. A graduate of batch 2010 and an AMY Scholar (Alfredo M. Yao Scholarship of which gives a   full tuition fee discount with trimestral allowance), Ms. Bernardez lives a very simple life with her brother and grandmother. For her, education is the most important thing one must acquire. She took up Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education Major in English at ICCT Colleges Cainta Campus. She persevered over the years and eventually graduated as Magna Cum Laude. Aside from being a Latin awardee, she also received recognitions such as the Leadership Award, Best Student Teacher and Best in Lesson Planning Awards which made her family really proud. It is her sheer determination that made Ms. Bernardez passed all the circumstances in her life. Despite of the hardships, she remained optimistic towards her goal. In fact, she even passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) last April 2011. Poverty is not a hindrance to achieve your goal in life. One must be open-minded and must never give up. People who started a simple life are the best examples of great achievers. Remember that it is most gratifying to receive applause when you really worked hard in reaching for success.

(Niña Janine B. Marcelino)