Why did we choose ICCT?


Probably, most of the graduating high school students from different schools were confused and bothered about college matters before their graduation day last April 2011. At that time, they were bound  to decide as to where they are going for enroll for college. This year, enrollees at ICCT Colleges increased compared to the previous years. “WHY DID WE CHOOSE ICCT?” In this regard, Newsbytes gathered opinions from some of the students who are currently studying in ICCT Colleges. “ICCT Colleges is the no. 1 private school in Rizal. It has affordable tuition fee that offers trimestral courses. It offers a lot of scholarships opportunities for students who need financial assistance. It has continuing facilities upgrade and development programs. The Dormtel, a college dormitory situated at the Sumulong Campus, is a four-storey building which accommodates ICCT Students. Each room is furnished with beds, kitchens, study tables and cabinets.”  Ramos, Earsy Jane (BSHRM) “The Taytay Campus has a mini-hotel facility for HRM skills training program, complete with amenities-luxury suite, hotel lobby and front desk operations, bartending, function rooms, restaurants, laundry and linen section. The library and internet research with multi-media section situated at Cainta main campus and Sumulong campus are equipped with latest reference materials, books, electronic library, online public access catalog and modern reading sections.”  Francisco, Harold (BEED) “ICCT Colleges has global partnerships with De La Salle University, University of Cambridge, Cisco System, Fujian Normal University, Oracle and other affiliations and comprehensive on-the-job training programs. It has local and International educational institutions, medical centers and corporations that provide professional training, eligibility skills evaluation and competitive industry-based learning structures.”  Retuerma, Joanna Mae (BSC) “ICCT Colleges has an attractive seal that was inspired by the courageous workmanship of the Filipino people through innovative education that had given the opportunity to be a globally-renowned workface. The design expresses faith, dedication, leadership and the promotion of infinite human knowledge.”  – Monserrat, Eljohn (ABCOMM). ICCT Colleges is an institution we look forward to. It offers high quality education that can be a great help for the students who are hoping for a good career after studying. (Benjie Dasalla)