K+12 : A Change for the Better or Not?


Philippine Education setting nowadays suffers from a great danger. It may not refer to a physical damage nor to one’s insight or viewpoint but to individual’s future instead. The present generation would experience difficulties when they graduate, high school diplomas will no longer be valuable since, at present time, institutions, companies or even agencies require an individual to have at least a year level in college to be hired and get a job. A professional from the Philippines is not secured of his position in other countries. Some people are no longer after the positions they might end up to;  instead, they give up what they had earned here and choose to be hired  and work abroad due to much higher wage rates and more competitive offers. This dilemma is one of the reasons why graduates are mismatched with their jobs. A Business Administration graduate could either be a teller or a cashier in supermarket; an Engineering graduate could just be an encoder or even a Programmer; an Education graduate chooses to become a personal tutor or a domestic helper; graduates of medicine become nurses outside the archipelago; why is this happening? They found out that some were emotionally immature, unprepared for working conditions and some were intellectually misfit that is why after a year or two, they chose to be back in our country and serve here for the better. Where could this problem be blamed? to the government? to different institutions? or to ourselves? The fact that there are only two countries in Asia which offer  a 10-year educational program (Primary and Secondary) Philippines and Bangladesh  our government is trying to fix the problem from its roots. In relation to this, the Education Department is now requiring additional two more years in Secondary level. In which there will be a year for Kindergarten, six years for the  Elementary , four years for Junior High School and applying the new K+12 system, there would be  two years for Senior High School in preparation for a higher education. And so whether a child will be pursuing his studies in College or not, he could apply for a job and secure a better future. They will become emotionally prepared, well-skilled ; intellectually-equipped and valid even for legal qualifications. This revised curriculum of basic education will contribute a lot because we cannot deny the fact that every graduate aimed to take higher learning, to be trained professionally and later, to work abroad applying for the job they studied for. As we all know,before being hired, applicants should at least reach the years in educational requirement in other country, and one can attain it through the said curriculum. Change is always with resistance at first, but in the end, we just have to accept it  most especially when it’s for our betterment. (Sheila Mae Doria)