Responsibility Commensurate Effectivity


We are all aware that we, the students, are many. From Elementary to College, we span two-thirds of our population, studying lessons that are prescribed by the curricula.

Admit it: most of us still can’t get enough of our childish actions being too much carefree and taking things lightly resulting in poor academic performance.
Well, is it time that we take things seriously? Who does not want to be successful? There are people who want to be on the top 10 of the best students in their respective schools but lack willpower to be one. Was that regret for us nowadays?
We, as students, should be responsible in order to achieve something. From simple actions such as sleeping and waking up early, we become an example of discipline.
Let’s say that you are at the same age as the common College student and lives all by yourself. You do all the household chores by yourself you cook your food, wash your laundry and clean the house. At the end of the day, you feel good because you did something productive and had fulfilled something.
Same goes with schooling: If you do your best, you feel good because you learned something which is the common thing amongst students. Always keep these mind sets: Work hard, thirst for advancement and be delighted new found knowledge waiting for you as you embark to each day of your college life.
Imagine that every person around you is responsible and effective in whatever he does, would you feel good about yourself and be motivated to follow also their footsteps?
Stepping in to college and choosing which school to enroll to and which course to take takes a lot of preparing-yourself to do, preparing for new and more complex responsibilities than those of highschool, in fact graduating and enrolling equates to acceptance of life’s new chapter that we must be ready to accept the changes taking place not only to others but also to ourselves. Change is inevitable in one’s life, and being unable to cope with it is a sure down fall.
With that, we shall get real: we shall stop being so easygoing and look at life as mature individuals. In order to become effective, we must be responsible of our actions.