What More Juan Won’t Conquer?


Last school year (2011-2012) 324 colleges and universities raised their fees by an average of 37 pesos per unit making students and their parents fall in to a deeper financial crisis side by side with over-rated hikes of this country’s basic commodities and services. And this year, despite of the strong opposition of students and their parents, more than 300 private schools are planning to have their increases.
This continuously skyrocketing cost of education nowadays is a problem, Filipinos are facing that unfortunately made some of this year’s high school graduates stop studying.
“Money is really what makes the world go ’round” some may say. This realization discourages a lot of aspiring professionals stop pursuing their dreams. More than half of the population of each year’s high school graduates are forced not to continue their studies, instead go on the streets and try their luck looking for a job that will only last for six months. A contractual job can’t assure anything but a temporary source of income, and in worse cases, insufficient considering all expenses a family has each month.
But aside from those who chose to work and just let go of their studies, there are still those who managed to study while working and provide for their families. These are the ones who struggle hard just to provide themselves money for their tuition fees and saving enough for whatever expenses they have at home. Tough job indeed!
Along with this deeds are those Institutions that are committed to help these struggling ones and be an avenue to the realization of their aspirations. In Rizal, ICCT Colleges, being the leading private educational institution in the province, have been providing quality and affoordable education since 1992. This is an encouragement that made a lot of Rizaleños to push-on and continue their studies.
And this is what make Filipinos stand out! We’ve been through a lot of hardships making us invincible amidst of each day’s difficulties. this even makes us capable of coping in whatever harshness life may bring. And this endless process has its root way back before the break out of bird flu, then there were AIDS, Milenyo, Reming, Ondoy, Sendong and now… TUITION FEE INCREASE! What more obstacle Juan Dela Cruz won’t conquer?!
Money does not define us, neither what we’re capable of. As long as we know how to find ways how to continue living this life, we’re good! After all, “it’s not about the money… Money… money…” it’s all about how you struggle and manage to emerge victorious in life. Strive to finish studies, Be practical in choosing your school and land a good job! (Charlie Ranido)