Allan Lad Santos : Pride of ICCT Colleges


Don’t get us wrong – you want to succeed in life. We all want to be successful in what we do, and to do so we shall face hardships – and with these hardships are experiences. Experiences then become a merit for yourself – and thus you use these experiences to win in life’s hurdles.
Here is a success story we can relate ourselves into. Alan Lad Santos, a Criminology graduate of the institution, recently got the 5th place in the Professional Regulations Commission Licensure Examination for Criminologists (PRC – LET) and is awarded a Php100,000 incentive from the school administration. Before all of these, he has to face obstacles.
Before he took a course at New Era University, he worked as a house boy in a shoe factory where his father used to work. Unfortunately, he has to stop studying again due to financial difficulties brought by the closure of the factory. He also worked as a machine operator that time.
After a while he thought of studying again, and since ICCT’s Main Campus is near his residence in Marikina, he decided that he will study again, and took up the BS Criminology course.
His experience in ICCT was hard, in a sense that there are challenges, including the strictness of the instructors.
Following his graduation, he self-studied the lessons he was taught by his mentors. He didn’t take any review course because his wife is pregnant and he has to work as a data encoder in order to cover the maternity expenses.
At the time of the licensure examination, most of the questions in his examination paper are similar to the lessons that he knew. “The tuition is affordable, yet the quality of education is high,” he stated. He relied on the knowledge he was taught by his professors – and was blessed that there is “nothing more, nothing less” in the examination questions.
He dedicate his success to his professors, his supporting wife and parents, and to the Almighty Father for giving him blessings.
Aside from these, he has merits in Journalism when he was in high school.
Definitely, Alan Lad Santos is an example of someone who strived for greener pastures and succeeded through help of God and others.
Let this be a story for us students to be better at what we can be in our chosen fields – obstacles are such, and not to be worried about – and be a pride of our Alma Mater, ICCT Colleges, embodying the essence of being “A Global Pinoy Distinction”. (Jay Paul Agonoy)