Do I see lots of Raging Bulls or it’s just me?


Rage – A word that translates to fury, anger, wrath and temper; a signal that means war. In the midst of the hot summer sun, I see hundreds or even thousands of raging bulls all over the place. Even if it’s just because of simple misunderstandings or deadlines that should be accomplished, either way, it creates rage among us. I also surrender to this kind of dilemma.
We, the raging bulls, are jarheads and what we do is somewhat contrary to the common norms, placing people at physical and emotional harm. We are the ones who are stressed first than everybody else. We are uncontrollable oftentimes, and with this we are capable of affecting others… in a “not-so-good-way”.
We do these cursing, blaming another, offending Someone with intentions among others so if you’re not immune to these, you’ll lose your way quickly in this game on the “other side” of life. Ask a stupid question and someone will hit you in the gut. That’s how we, the raging bulls, do it.

In this generation where the internet connection is widely used, the raging bulls are increasing, more popular, and more intense than ever. You can even watch them raging online uncensored and unrest. Imagine a useless twitter war between two people (or even their supporters) because of third-party issues, insults, etc. Also, please don’t forget the trolls and haters.
The question; Are we done releasing our rage? Was it enough for us to be silent? What are we actually doing in the first place? Have we exhaled all of our brain tissues for these worthless things? If you’ll ask me, I will modestly answer you NO.

Is there a way to get rid of this? No, because you live in a world where you are prone to intervention. The only thing most of us do is to breathe in and breathe out; inhale, exhale. Inhale, and then exhale, hopelessly.
Since we live in this world where rage is prevalent, I would like to remind you that you need to be more mature than your old self… I survive doing this. In the end, is this real or it’s just me looking at the wrong perspective? What I am looking at is real, and it’s too much. Oh wait the sun is still hot. I want to be badly drenched in water.

(Jay Paul Agonoy)